Pop Quiz. Which one of these would you like most to do while vacationing in the Caribbean?

  1. Splashing in the water at an all-inclusive resort – The Beach.
  2. Enjoying fresh yellowtail snapper that you caught while fishing for your family’s dinner.
  3. Diving with friendly dolphins.
  4. Bicycle tour around a local village with your kids.
  5. Drinking unlimited coconut water to your heart’s desire.
  6. An escape to a deserted island for the day.
  7. Repeat all of the above every year for a lifetime.

“Congratulations, if you chose No. 7 because the rest of this article is just for you.”

Most travelers agree that vacationing in the Bahamas is one great experience everyone will treasure for the rest of their lives. From the breathtaking beaches, good hotels, and both historic and contemporary attractions, the Islands of The Bahamas are a must-visit for everybody who wants to visit the Caribbean.

And a lot of people who want to go to the Caribbean have one activity in mind – to lie down on their pristine sands with an amazing beachfront view while allowing their worries to slip away.

Quite naturally, one of the top things that you must consider in every out-of-town vacation is the accommodation. Most often than not, you take a break from the tension of the workplace to relax and enjoy, so you expect the best.

Who Are We?:-

Funntripps Vacation ClubOur Mission: “We are committed to operating a vacation rental business that is driven to become a luxurious, world-class, non-smoking, non-alcoholic,  environmentally-sustainable, Christian private residence club by exceeding industry standards through innovation, technology, team member excellence and via ensuring the delightful satisfaction of our guests by the merging of great life experiences, personal development, contribution and the provision of the finest accommodations in the Caribbean, while at the same time providing an empowered work environment for our employees.”

We challenge the practice and beliefs that hardworking/ deserving families must continue to struggle and if not, remain burdened with most expenses associated with annual family holidays. Forward thinking and strategic, we pride ourselves on market-driven solutions to complex problems.

Why start at zero and have to spend years learning the secrets to enjoying island living and a lifetime of vacation pleasures?

Common sense would suggest that it’s impossible to consistently win in any endeavor without a plan. Unfortunately, most families do not have a vacation plan; therefore, they struggle financially.  FunnTripps Vacation Club is your partner and will help you to develop a step-by-step plan for defense, offense, and navigating the oceans of family vacation getaways.

We share our system (Save Your Self Time Energy & Money) whereby a family can invest a minimum of $3,497 dollars and have access, not only to a winning holiday plan (hundreds of thousands have paid too much for far less in other programs), but also the Funntripps social community to help each other stay accountable to his/her goals and dreams, while making a difference globally.

Predictions are that annual vacations are going to become more expensive and the lifestyle benefits we expect won’t be affordable for most. Planning for vacations will become challenging and stressful but not for members of  Funntripps Vacation Club.

That is why a supportive community of people with the same objective – to escape to the Good Life – is so vital.

The more we can learn, follow, and share truth in every area of our lives, the more we can give back to others. We encourage you to join our movement and help change the world one family at a time. Like the Bible states, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” 

Funntripps Vacation Club is “A Caribbean Family-Owned Company” led by a young, dynamic husband and wife team. We provide luxury beachfront / canal front townhomes and apartments for your vacation pleasures throughout beautiful tropical islands in the Caribbean.

We write about living a life that is not only stress-free but successful and significant. This includes topics covering the range of “Island Living, Having Fun, and Making a Difference.

In addition to regular blog articles, we also host monthly contests where free, fun-loaded vacations are given away to the winners.

General Info:-

We enjoy humor, good food, business, travel, sports, music, photography, our family and friends, shopping (wife), reading, and sharing our faith in Jesus Christ.

Favorite Quotes:
Whatever you tolerate you can’t change!

The secret to your success is hidden in your daily routine.

Why? Why Not? Why Not You? And, Why Not Now?

A Light-hearted Bio:

We believe that we have one of the world’s most interesting marriages; met each other while both skipping church to attend a concert, involved in an automobile accident that nearly caused both of us our lives, raised four kids that were not ours, quit our jobs and moved to a less populated island to have more peace, actually got stuck on an island for five days before being rescued, including experience starting a profitable business with less than $1,000, and more recently – figuring out which one of us actually prepares the best oatmeal.

You can regularly find Ricardo speaking in front of a small audience, or in his office writing, or in a bookstore, or purchasing real estate. Oftentimes, Ingrid can be found playing with children or singing with the local Praise Team, or on the beach enjoying the island’s tropical breezes.

The Newbolds invite you to come and share their peaceful residence in Paradise…..The Bahama Islands.


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