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Learn the Secrets to Lifetime Caribbean Vacations In Just  7 Days!

Yes, You Can Change Your Life!  Apply Just One Task A Day For 7 Days And You Could Possibly Own A Piece of Paradise!

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Has Planning Your Annual Family Getaway Become Too Costly, Stressful, and Overwhelming? No Worries. After Taking The 7-Day Challenge,  You’ll Learn the Secrets to “Living the Maximized Life,” Strengthening Family Bonds, A More Affordable Way To Get Away & Enhancing Family Vacations! 


Spend LESS.

Vacation MORE.

Secrets Revealed

Discovering Paradise

Whether you're seeking budget-friendly, luxury, kid-friendly, romance or fun, these islands have it all.

Planning the Perfect Trip

We'll help you schedule places to visit, things to do, where to eat, where to stay and so much more.

When To Visit Paradise

Guidelines to help you decide exactly when to visit one of the most visited tourist spots in the world.

Essentials To Pack

You've got to know what to pack when you’re headed to your own piece of paradise!

Family Travel

Advantages of Vacation Rentals

Are you ready to discover a better and more affordable way to get away? We gotchu!

Our Caribbean Playgrounds

They were “built for loving families by a loving family” and we’d love for yours to enjoy them all. Just don't let this opportunity be the one that got away!

Living the Maximized Life

Here at Funntripps Vacation Club, our 'purpose by design' is simply to help 1,000 families to Live FUNNER. Spend LESS. Vacation MORE.

You Might Be Wondering...

Welcome to FUNNTRIPPS: a powerful vacation automation system that will completely change the way you plan your annual family vacations.

Funntripps Vacation Club is the ULTIMATE travel partner for families, where everyone, at every age, is spoiled with the vacation of their dreams. Kids get the freedom to have a vacation all their own, and parents the luxury to simply relax and enjoy, too. We’ll help you create those memories that will last a lifetime. This FREE course is for you if:
You’re interested in keeping vacation costs down.
You’ve had enough of spending MORE but experiencing LESS.
You like being treated as a VIP whenever you travel.
You promised your family that they’ll never again stay in a cramped hotel room.
You can appreciate affordable luxuries.
You enjoy multiple quality inclusions, space, privacy, amenities and great value.
You enjoy, travel tips, stories and inspiration.
Family Travel
Family Travel

Who created this challenge? 

This challenge was created by Ricardo Newbold, founder of Funntripps Vacation Club and CEO of The McNew Group. I’m just a small island boy who discovered a big world. I am a real estate investor, entrepreneur, former banker, hotelier and ship’s agent. Basically, I’ve been in the customer service business all of my career. However, I started blogging in 2016 and compiled this challenge based on my daily encounters with visitors to our lovely islands.

Will I have access to the challenge after the 7 days are over?

YES! This challenge is housed on for easy access. Once the challenge is completed, it will remain there for your easy access whenever you’d like! However, as a BONUS, you will also receive a cute, handy and resourceful PDF version of the course and all the lessons shared – at the end. Additional freebies as illustrated above are included in the course as well. Just because we appreciate you taking the journey with us.

So what’s the bright idea behind Vacation Automation?

To give your family everything needed to  enjoy your time together, without breaking the bank or investing hours doing your own vacation research or planning.  Your happiness = our main goal. Seriously! We’re taking our many years of customer service experience in a myriad of industries and creating service-based initiatives, online programs, publishing share-worthy content, and building communities then pouring it all into this program…to serve you.

Who is the challenge for?

This 7-day email course is for anyone seeking a better way to get away, wants to live funner, spend less but not sacrifice any quality inclusions. Effectively, they in turn are creating more margin for themselves, which we hope allows them to help more people, build their  community, and/or impact the world in significant ways. At Funntripps our sole mission simply is: ‘Purpose by Design…Advancing God’s Kingdom.

How long will it take to complete the challenge?

The actual text of each lesson is a very quick read, less than 15 minutes each day. However, time to implement any attached assignment will vary based on what applies to your personal situation from each lesson.

Can I start booking my family travel?  

Applying the tips and strategies suggested in this challenge will have a positive impact on your family’s bottom line. We strongly encourage competing the lessons before booking your next vacation. Surely, these are the building blocks upon which you can enjoy fun family vacations for a lifetime.

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This 100% FREE 7-day course comes directly from my combined 25+ years of experience in the hospitality,  banking , real estate and shipping industries, wherein I sharpened my customer service-based philosophies.
In less than 30 minutes per day, you will learn how to enjoy vacations in paradise for a lifetime.

Vacation Automation is the ultimate 7-Day Family Travel course that teaches you the exact strategies to create more margin for your family.

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Ricardo Newbold

Hi, I'm Ricardo Newbold

If we haven’t met before, I’m the boss over at and I’ve been in customer service for over 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) years.
I help families with kids, single moms, holidaymakers, passionate entrepreneurs, and small business owners to rock their annual family getaway using a Live Funner, Spend Less, Vacation More business model,
a.k.a. “Living the Maximized Life”
through the concept of building communities and leveraging a simple 3 step vacation system.

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