Smith's Point Fish Fry

Well, we’ve got one more fun trip for you to experience – the world famous “Fish Fry

For a true taste of Grand Bahama Island, a trip to Smith’s Point is almost necessary. However, don’t expect luxury. This is the real Caribbean experience. Outrigger’s is home to the traditional Bahamian Fish Fry held on Wednesday nights. You’ll feast on local dishes such as fried fish, broiled lobster and conch. Of course, there’s always the regular Bahamian menu during the week!

People come from all parts of the island to join in the festivities. The fish fry starts at 6 p.m. and goes on until after 12 a.m.  The average meal starts at $12.00, and you get a choice of pan fried snapper, broiled lobster tail, broiled grouper and chicken for the non-seafood lovers. All meals come with Bahamian peas n’ rice, and one side order. Side orders include coleslaw, potato salad, homemade dinner rolls, conch fritters, and sweet potato bread. For desert you can try the coconut tart or Bahamian guava duff.

So, come and taste the best fried fish on the island, then sit on the main deck and have a few cocktails. There is a live DJ and it’s a non-stop night of fun for the whole family.   The music starts at 7 p.m. and they play a variety of Bahamian, Caribbean, American and European music for your dancing pleasure. Enjoy the music and dance like crazy. Nobody cares if you are good at it or not. Just have fun!

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