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Funntripps Vacation Club (FUNNTRIPPS) was established in February 2016 to bring a higher standard to the vacation home industry both in The Bahamas and the Caribbean region. How do you provide a vacation home experience like no other? Well, you simply ask the guest.

We discovered that above all else, guests were looking for prime locations, quality and superb service. FUNNTRIPPS began to offer homes and apartments in prime locations and was determined to set a high standard for in-home amenities and furnishings.

However, FUNNTRIPPS is more than just the name of our company.  It serves as a daily reminder that when you travel well, creating lasting memories and relationships with family and friends, you are indeed “Living the Maximized Life.” That is what we strive to help our members do, each and every day.

FUNNTRIPPS also serves as the hallmark of our company culture. You can feel it in our offices, at our meetings, and in our destinations with our onsite staff.  

We have fun doing what we do, our members have fun with their club travels, and by the opportunity to work together as a passionate, talented team.

We live our mission in concert with every vacation we create for our members, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In short, we go all out for families.

Accordingly, Funntripps Vacation Club aims to emerge as a leader in providing world-class, branded, luxury vacation residences and apartments. FUNNTRIPPS will continue to build its business on the things that matter most to guests, as we aim to expand throughout the Caribbean region.

Currently, you’ll find our properties (aka Caribbean Playgrounds) in one of the Caribbean’s most scenic and popular destinations – the islands of The Bahamas.

Every vacation unit is fully outfitted with high-end furnishings, luxurious linens, chef-worthy kitchens, special amenities such as washers and dryers, a complimentary vehicle, and everything else your family may need. Pre-arrival grocery delivery, daily housekeeping and vacation planning are always included.

Our friendly team of local experts are always available to help with insider tips and personal recommendations. Plus, you’ll never pay a damage deposit or a cleaning fee. Funntripps offers activities and entertainment for every age and interest. You can play golf or tennis, go fishing, boating, swimming, hiking or sightseeing just to name a few.

Our Definition

Family Vacations

Caribbean Playgrounds

Spacious, high-quality, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom town-homes / apartments chosen specially to accommodate couples, families, or small groups and featuring fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms and all the comforts of home, situated in desirable destinations on tropical islands in the Caribbean such as Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Enjoy Fun Family Vacations

Funntripps Vacation Club stays are based on accommodation size and membership level. Membership features a week allotment, which is guaranteed annually but is not restricted to location or season.

You Get One Week Every Year

One of the greatest aspects of vacation membership in the Funntripps Vacation Club program is that your family’s annual weeklong vacation is guaranteed each year. That means, every year you will get to choose from an ever-growing collection of exciting tropical island destinations.

Return to a favorite island destination every year or explore the Caribbean and never experience the same vacation twice. It’s all up to you, and each year you get to choose.

Family Vacations

Where You Can Go

Family Vacations

As a Member of Funntripps Vacation Club Program, the Caribbean is your playground. And every year, you get to choose which island you want to go. Are you ready for a family vacation on an island you’ve always wanted to see?

Why Choose Funntripps Vacation Club?

Our mission is to help 1,000 families eliminate high vacation costs and to enjoy the consistent quality and service they’d expect from a name they can trust — each and every year!

Caribbean vacation rentals in The Bahamas are often rented at much lower costs than hotel or resort rooms and offer a less expensive alternative to luxury villas.

Funntripps.com offers an expanding selection of vacation properties available throughout the island with many being located near the beach. Grand Bahama vacation properties range from single family dwelling houses and inexpensive apartments to townhomes.

So, enjoy a lifetime of unforgettable vacations by becoming a Funntripps Vacation Club Member.

Build a vacation plan and simply choose the required membership level for your family’s vacation lifestyle and save yourself money.  You will always find the most up-to-date offers that include special pricing and incentives.

Membership provides a multitude of unique vacation options and experiences. Prices start at approximately $3,497*, and whatever Membership level you choose, you’ll have lifetime access to tropical islands and playgrounds that allows you to vacation year after year.

*Additional closing costs apply. Low annual club dues are required.


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