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Undoubtedly, families plan their annual getaways, vacation or pleasure trips in the expectation of deriving certain benefits from their experience. This website/blog was created to provide families with the tools, information, products, and services needed to enhance their annual family vacations. In essence, we’re launching a revolution to encourage travelers to take that much-needed family vacation.

Therefore, the key to making this work is that we think in terms of the goals, passions and struggles our visitors have when they visit a site like ours. We try our best to make it easy for them to get what they may need in order to take the journey they should take.   We live a purpose-driven life using a simple acronym called L.I.F.E. (hat tip to Jonathan Milligan).

l. i. f. e


We must embody vision, courage, and commitment.


We aim to impact millions in areas that matter most.

Financial Freedom

Undoubtedly we want to Live the Maximized Life.


We want to give our very best - all the time.

We Are Enlightened Entrepreneurs​

We help people connect with God and each other in order to be transformed into the image of Christ, through His Word, His Creation, and community. We are dedicated to the purposes and enjoyment of the Body of Christ, committed to making a daily difference while continually getting better to keep us the best. To accomplish our mission, we are initially focused on introducing 1,000 families to a system that automates their annual family vacations!

We would like to be your FunBuddies, helping you to “Live the Maximized Life” as you navigate the challenges of work and life, focused intently on succeeding at both.  Start by making time for what matters most. You can start by subscribing to our email newsletter. When you do, we will email you a free copy of our newest eBook, “Family Vacations Made Easy.”  Click Here…

Family Vacations Made Easy

Family Vacations Made Easy

Vacation MORE. Spend LESS!

Create More Margin For Your Family 
Earn a Week-long Family Vacation Annually.
Shave $1,000’s Off  Your Family Travel Budget.
Escape the Stress and Anxiety of Living in a Noisy and Busy World.
Boost Your Relationships with a Quick Tropical Island Getaway.
Have Fun. Live the Maximized Life. Make a Difference.

Problems We Solve

Lack of Wealth

We help families create the wealth they deserve by cutting unnecessary vacation costs which allows them to contribute in areas that are under-resourced. The goal is to help others create more value in the world by reducing debt and financial strain on their relationships.

Cut Vacation Costs
Poor Relationships

Poor Relationships

We address the relational challenges that others face in their marriage, extended family, or friendships. Relationship tension may result from the inability to perform well at work, emotional instability, financial crisis or other conflict and drama. We all can use help with these daily  struggles.

Spiritual Disconnect

While it’s not obvious to many, they have a core need for a connection to their Creator. Through our writing, speaking, services and products, we help lead others into a closer walk with God, heigthening their sense of purpose.

Spending Quality Time Together

Time Management

Feeling overwhelmed? Unable to push forward on important goals? Over-promising yet under-delivering? Not doing what matters most? In today’s fast-paced world we  live life with no margins. There’s more to do than we have time available in our schedule. We help people become more productive and PRIORITIZE FAMILY! 

We hope you’ll enjoy what Funntripps has to offer. We are so excited to help guide families on this amazing journey to improve their relationships and family bonds. Let’s face it, there’s happiness, joy, and gladness in spending quality time with those we love!

Our Journey

The Pursuit of A Balanced Lifestyle​

Funntripps founders Ingrid & Ricardo Newbold experienced the hardships, struggles, and sacrifices associated with being wage slaves for most of their careers but continuously displayed a tenacious spirit in their pursuit of “next.”  Their search had always been to find a better way to make a living and in such a way that allowed a greater satisfaction and full concentration about the facets of life that they deemed more important: their passions, charity, purpose, and adventure. Thus, the Funntripps lifestyle was born.

The Newbolds are a strong Christian family devoted to serving the Lord and others. We have strong family values and have always cherished our family and friends. We love to travel, play and work together. Today, this dynamic duo remains focused on a very simple business philosophy: Changing Lives by Making a Difference.

Funntripps was born on February 25, 2016, out of passion: a passion for giving, a love for our country, concern for others’ well-being, and sharing our Bahamian hospitality. That is also when we realized the Lord was calling on us to share our wonderful blessings with others. Accordingly, we fully expect that our vacation homes will blossom year after year. In terms of creating a brand, the Founders envisioned that their vacation rental accommodations would provide luxury, family fun, and create lasting memories for many families.

A Caribbean Family-Owned Company

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, and all reservation payments are deposited into an audited account. We have positioned ourselves to personally manage the rental process and maintenance of what we anticipate to evolve into a healthy portfolio of vacation rental properties, which would allow us to pretty much provide something for everyone.  We have committed to provide our guests with excellent service and value by offering a wide selection of quality properties that are well maintained.

At Funntripps Vacation Club, “We are committed to operating a vacation rental business that is driven to become a luxurious, world-class, non-smoking, non-alcoholic,  environmentally-sustainable, Christian Private Residence Club by exceeding industry standards through innovation, technology, team member excellence and via ensuring the delightful satisfaction of our guests by the merging of great life experiences, personal development, contribution and the provision of the finest accommodations in the Caribbean, while at the same time providing an empowered work environment for our employees.”

The foundation of our business is people. Our guests, our families, and our staff.  Honest care and concern for each other will dictate our work. We recognize that effective teamwork is the only way to assure success. We will value our team members, and we will treat each other with honor and respect. We are proud to present a strong image as an involved and successful member of our local community. Hospitality is our product and courteous service is our focus. We will deliver on the commitments made.

Our 3 Pillars​

From the start, the company was built on three pillars:-
Vacation Rentals
Build the Caribbean’s Best Vacation and Lifestyle Club

Enriching lives via extraordinary and affordable vacation experiences. We’re excited to help guide families on this amazing journey to improve their relationships and family bonds. We go all out for our members.

Customer Satisfaction
Build a Community of Loyal and Engaged Members

To add value to our members lives in a way that would encourage them to market our great product personally and to use our product and services with pride thus further developing our brand and community.

Our Education
Making a Difference While Focused On Global Impact

Impacting Our Community. Creating Educational Opportunities. Preserving Our Environment. The More We Help Out Each Other, The More Fun We Have. It’s About Moving From Success To Significance.

Our Secret Mission​

Our mission is to help 1,000 families “Live the Maximized Life” so they can impact the world. We’ll do “whatever it takes and then some!  We love The Bahamas, particularly Grand Bahama and the many treasures it serves up daily.  We are “Go-Givers” and want to share our Paradise with our friends and family. We had always dreamed of owning our own vacation rental property, so when the opportunity to launch our own brand came about, we jumped right in feet first! That is also the moment we decided to use our properties to make a difference in the lives of as many families as we possibly could. For us, it’s our “Purpose by Design.”

Funntripps is expected to fast become a premier vacation rental company located in paradise – The Bahamas.  We offer Caribbean Playgrounds: well-appointed and meticulously maintained, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom town-homes, apartments, and villas at family affordable rates. We like to think that we are the experts in providing lifetime vacations on autopilot.

My husband and I have been married for 20 years.  Our past experiences in the Banking, Gaming, Hospitality, Retail and Shipping industries continue to serve us well as we personally work together in running our rental property business, currently operating from Freeport, Grand Bahama.

I love creating a tropical and “down home” experience for our guests. I am always on the lookout for new treasure and the latest trends. As such, I think all my “finds” make our properties a little more interesting and “homey”.

Ricardo is very talented, naturally innovative and his heart is truly in giving.  He’s responsible for the design of our website.  He loves to read, enjoys sports and computers and is certainly a real estate junkie. Combine our Caribbean Playgrounds in Grand Bahama with that and he is in paradise!

Giving Our Guests More Than They Expect​

All of our Caribbean Playgrounds come equipped with:
Complimentary Rental Vehicles
Access to Dedicated Fishing Yachts
A private pool and furnished pool deck
A fully equipped kitchen
Full-size washer and dryer
Cable television / Netflix
Free Internet and WiFi
Towels, linens, bedding, dishes &  glassware
So much more…because you deserve it.
Family Vacations

About Our Properties​

The beauty of staying in a vacation rental versus a hotel or resort is that you have many of the same amenities available to you that you have in your own home.  All of our properties are fully furnished so that you can enjoy that at-home feeling while you are visiting our beautiful tropical islands.  Our focus is on the “details” so that your vacation rental experience will be positive, relaxing and enjoyable.

Currently, our playgrounds are just minutes away from amazing beaches and also situated near popular family-oriented attractions. Shopping, restaurants, golf, and grocery stores are also conveniently located nearby. By 2018, we anticipate growth to 7  playgrounds.  We hope you’ll love these awesome Caribbean Playgrounds as much as we do!

We invite you to explore the Islands of The Bahamas – click here and inquire about your favorite island today!  Browse our vacation deals, family-friendly amenities, and more.  We have a large selection of playgrounds about to come on stream, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Remember vacation home specials and availability are updated regularly – so please bookmark us and make Funntripps your Caribbean dream vacation-home provider.

Our Promise

With game-changing innovation, unmatched dedication, business and educational tools and passionate advocacy, we help our members to prosper and to create memories which will last a lifetime, thus building a global reputation as the preferred vacation stay option. We understand the unique needs and challenges of our members and build productive, long-lasting relationships with them, based on mutual respect.

Our Office Hours

We are here to serve you 7 days a week.  Our day starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 11:00 PM, however, Sunday hours may vary during the off-season.  Our phone lines are also open from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM we turn them over to voice mail at 11:00 PM.  Our office is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Days and other local Bahamian holidays. For some holidays we will close early the day before.  We also close early some days to participate in community events such as Junkanoo, Labour Day Parade, etc.  Yeah ….. we like to get involved here at Funntripps!

But don’t worry, we respond quickly to inquiries, and use social media daily to arm you with lots of travel tips and local goodies to help you make the most of your Bahamian holiday. We would be delighted to have you as our guests!

Our aspiration is to share with you the passion and emotions that continually inspire us.  So, hit your pause button, take a break and enjoy our paradise.

Why Funntripps Is Loved By So Many

Family Vacations


We Own Vacation Rentals.
We Manage Vacation Rentals.
We Understand the Industry.
We Live in The Caribbean.

Family Vacations


We Deliver What We Promise.
Our Pricing is Fair.
There Are No Hidden Charges.
Our Club is Christian-based.

Family Vacations

Cool Factor

Many Tropical Islands.
Exhaustive Features List.
We’re a Private Community.
Complimentary Vehicles.

Family Vacations


Independent  Developer.
One-year Guarantee.
Worry-free. We Get It Done.
Many Membership Options.

Let's Get Social.​

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