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Imagine a beautiful tropical island. Its beaches are covered with soft powdery sands. The island itself is like a fairy-tale showcasing treasures of a lost city.  Paradise Island is an island in the Bahamas formerly known as Hog Island. The island, with an area of 277 hectares (685 acres), is located just off the shore of the city of Nassau, which is itself located on the northern edge of the island of New Providence. It is best known for the sprawling resort Atlantis with its extensive water park rides, pools, beach, restaurants, walk-in aquarium and casinos. Paradise Island is connected to the island of New Providence by two bridges that cross Nassau Harbour. The first was built in 1966 by Resorts International, and the second in the late 1990s.

Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort, the brainchild of Sol Kerzner, is now the biggest resort in Paradise Island. It is amazing how this paradise got started—what was then a stale piece of infrastructure has now become a magical world on a prime location. 

Atlantis Resort played a big part in Bahamas tourism back then in 1994 when visitor traffic was low. Being such a diverse resort that has something for everyone, Atlantis Bahamas exponentially boosted tourist influx making Paradise Island one of the most popular destinations when visiting the Bahamas.

Atlantis: A Global Attraction

Sol Kerzner saw an opportunity when Paradise Island Resort and Casino went bankrupt. He purchased it then set about redeveloping and expanding the resort. What used to be a 1,150 room hotel was expanded into a 2,300 room resort and casino. The resort was then named Trump Plaza which had two towers: the Coral Tower and the Beach Tower. When the Royal Towers were added, Sol Kerzner changed the name to Atlantis Resort. He also had the first two towers refurbished in order to match the new theme. In 2007, the resort further expanded with an expenditure of $1 billion worth of development which included the Cove Atlantis, a 22-story hotel that has 600 rooms, and the Reef Atlantis dolphin center.

It was Sol Kerzner’s main goal to make this piece of land appealing to families that’s why he gracefully designed the Atlantis Bahamas in line with the already majestic natural vegetation of its surroundings. You can also find here the biggest manmade aquarium where exotic and tropical sea creatures can be seen. The 50,000 sea creatures swimming in 11 million gallons of water is the most engaging feature of this resort. In addition to that, the casino is also known to be the biggest in the Caribbean.

Today, Atlantis Resort has become a worldwide phenomenon. Aside from being a main attraction in the Bahamas, it has also been featured in different movies such as “Casino Royale”, the James bond film, and “Holiday in the Sun”. It has also housed events such as the 2008 Miss Teen USA and the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.

The enthralling background of the Atlantis adds more to the enticement of tourists. While it is already a place packed with never-ending excitement, it is not far long before Sol Kernzer adds another unique feature to this mythical world. The Atlantis Resort has evolved into being a staple in the Caribbean and will definitely continue to provide the utmost exhilaration and thrill to people for decades to come.

Get a Taste of the Paradise Life

Paradise Island – Bahamas Beauty At Its Best

Waiting to welcome you just a stone’s throw from Nassau is Atlantis, situated on glamorous Paradise Island. Just six km long and 0.8 km wide, Nassau & Paradise Island are connected by two bridges. Looking at the beaches that curve along the north shore, the elegant resorts, or the championship level Golf Course, it’s hard to believe that this was, until recently, an unused islet known as Hog Island. Things have certainly come a long way since those days on Paradise Island – Bahamas visitors will find a lot to do

Nightlife in Nassau

Nightlife On Nassau & Paradise Island

Nightspots in Nassau & Paradise Island are centrally located, either in walking distance from the cruise port or a short drive from any of the major hotels. The harbor front has a number of open-air bars and clubs for live music and dancing to the latest sounds spun by local and international deejays. The Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island is one of the largest casinos in the English-speaking Caribbean, offering world-class gaming with state-of-the-art slot machines and table games.

World’s Largest Open-Air Aquarium

Without doubt, the main attraction of Nassau & Paradise Island is the 14-acre Atlantis Waterscape, the world’s largest open-air aquarium, which teems with over 100 species of colourful fish. Paradise Island is also the drop-off point for the unforgettable Dolphin Encounter and the exhilarating Powerboat Adventures

Here are some popular “Things to Do” on Paradise Island

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