It's Better In The Bahamas!

Family Vacation

Translucent Waters

Surrender to The Calm:- Exotic and inviting , the crystalline waters of Grand Bahama possess a hypnotic allure unlike any place else on Earth. Here, beneath a cobalt blue Bahamian sky, pearlescent beaches cherished for their serenity are embraced by unimaginably clear turquoise seas revered for their diving, fishing and yachting. 

Afforable Luxury

Defined by extraordinary standards in service, choice, elegance and extravagant amenities as well as special privileges  including free WiFi, our playgrounds are a sanctuary of chic Bahamian design where the spoils of privilege are indulged on a because every thoughtful touch is already included.

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Building Relationships

Step into an era of simple yet stylish beauty and sophistication.  This is a place where we can be ourselves – a place where privacy is paramount, security is assured, and family comes first. But it’s the sense of belonging that makes life at our vacation club so unique.

Lounge in Luxury

Every unscripted day is yours to enjoy. So, worship the sun and bask in its’ glory. Here is a perfect spot to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, our playgrounds bask in the glow of a heavenly tropical climate that encourages guests to surrender to the blissful warmth of sun and sea.

Family Vacations
Family Vacations

Lush & Tranquil

Garden of the Groves: Explore winding trails through lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls and sparkling fountains. Savor the serenity of Grand Bahama, the “Magic City” as it is affectionately known, where the air is kissed with just a hint of the sea.  

Unlimited Soft Drinks

Delight yourself with great savings. Enjoy an array of refreshing drinks that most appeals to you. Just imagine, unlimited consumption of non-alcoholic drinks, including a wide range of frozen drinks, sodas, fruit juices and classic hot beverages (coffee espresso, cappuccino) as well as takeaway ice cream.

Anytime Snacks

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.  All in all, burgers are popular because they’re good. They do the job of feeding us when we want to be fed. And for that, we’re grateful to the burger.

Land Sports Included

No matter your inclination for sport, high-energy or low-key, you can get your game on as often as  you wish with a variety of land based diversions, from Board Games to day and night tennis, Shuffleboard, cardio classes, and more – it’s all included.

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Enjoy Water Sports

Embark on a snorkeling excursion through exotic coral reefs, uninhabited cays and quiet coves – from masks and snorkels to fins and the best boats to take you there, we have all the top-of-the line gear you’ll need.  Or take to the wind on a sailboat or follow the shoreline on a kayak or paddle board. Play all day, as much as you like, because it’s all included.

Awesome Scuba Diving

If the Caribbean is known for its carefree playful energy, then the Bahama Islands are surely guilty of providing such pleasures. From legendary blue holes to drop-offs, wrecks and caves, explore some of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. 

Family Vacations

Ready to Island Hop?

Experience the best of The Bahamas – Imagine a vacation that combines the chic, laid back cool of the Out Islands with the modern elegance of a Playground in Nassau, Bahamas.

It's All About the Space

Our town-homes & apartments  come in all shapes and sizes, and many can sleep four to six people or more and aren’t as expensive as you’d first think. As such, our playgrounds are a much better option for family and group holidays than booking a hotel.

Family Vacations

Contemporary Luxury

Designed to appeal to the most discerning  travelers, all Playgrounds will feature a Funntripps Sleep Experience complete with a modern luxury bedroom, interior design, plush mattress, fluffy pillows and fine Egyptian cotton linens. Other touches of modernity may include flat-screen TVs, lavish bathrooms, Jacuzzi, separate showers, etc.

For Kids of All Ages

The Bahamas is a perfect playground for kids of all ages. Throw on a saddle and trot up and down our pristine shores on horseback. Get down and dirty with a little sand volleyball. Go bowling at one of our bowling alleys. Or simply build a sand castle on the beach. Whatever piques your interest, know that you can find fun for the whole family in The Bahamas.

Exotic Tropical Islands Meet Sublime Luxury. Wish You Were Here?