Let your mood guide your palate as you discover the delicate nuances of worldly cuisines on the island.  

Grand Bahama Island has made significant contributions to Bahamian cooking. Roast conch, which can now be found all over the islands, was developed by Grand Bahamian chef Joe Billy (Billy Joe), then later achieved great exposure through Tony Macaroni, another local chef, and character. “Crawfish,” as it is called in the islands, or Spiny Lobster, is another major tradition.   

This clawless lobster is considered a delicacy and is relatively plentiful in the surrounding waters. You’ll find it on almost every menu.

On Grand Bahama Island, fine dining is all about service, location, ambiance and of course presentation, and restaurants offer it up in grand style. Everything is accessible from the exotic to the commonplace: 

Lobster Thermidor or roasted conch; chicken souse or pan-fried grouper. Grab a cocktail and a companion and let your culinary journey begin. Casual-dining restaurants serve up the best in Bahamian breakfast cuisine. Scrumptious grits, stewed fish, and johnnycake, or boiled fish are popular choices. Annual festivals in the east showcase two important local staples: the Pelican Bay Coconut Festival in April and the McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival in October

However, for a unique cultural and dining experience, venture out to the Wednesday night “Fish Fry” at Smith’s Point, an event that was started a number of years ago by the residents of that small town to help raise funds for their church.  It has become so popular that similar fish fries are held in Nassau on New Providence Island. The Fish Fry is an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with both the native fish and our local residents. We’re sure you’ll enjoy both! Still interested…Read More