Some of the world’s most beautiful stretches of sea surround Grand Bahama Island, a fact that accounts for the high number of visitors who arrive here the old fashioned way — by sailing into port. The island has seven marinas, many of them fully equipped with electricity hubs, waste-disposal units, and fuel stations. If you plan to access the island by boat, please review the boat entry-requirements listed on the marinas page. For more information, click here for the Guide.

The annual Grand Bahama Sailing Regatta, is held in June, and is a popular event for boating enthusiasts and for those who just want to watch the magnificent native sloops sail gracefully along Taino Beach. Even though trophies and cash prizes are awarded, perhaps the most sought after prize is the reputation of being a “champion of the seas.”

Even if you are far from being a sailor, you can still enjoy the island by boat. There are plenty of sailing tours available, and some feature fine dining and/or beach parties. Take a closer look here.