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Are you ready to move from success to significance? At what point in your life do you decide it’s time for change? What a wonderful day it can be…the day that you decide.

For me, it was working long hours, for an ungrateful boss, oftentimes away from my loved ones, and receiving minimum wage before I made the decision to finally take charge.

It was my breaking point. Enough was enough. Simply, I’d had it!

Fortunately, I discovered some seeds, which I planted and turned my life around. Therefore, please allow me to sow my 7 Seeds for Success into your life:-

Seed Planting

Become the Difference

Your difference creates your rewards, value for others and distinguishes you from any competition. Please understand that you are unique and there will never be another like you. So stop cheating the rest of us – dream big – unleash your genius. Decide to become the “best of the best” and you will attract the same.  We are awaiting the discovery of the real you!

Narrow Your Focus  for Success

This is the forming of the foundation that will further allow you to build upon your platform. There is too much noise in the market and you need your undivided attention to discern what really matters in your life. You must also develop the ability to say “No” to distractions. This is the only way you won’t waste your time and it serves to protect your focus.  Finally, try imitating postage stamps. They have the uncanny ability to stick to one thing until it gets there. Otherwise, you risk becoming a jack of all trades and the master of none.

Piggyback Your Goals

Your clearly defined written goals should be with you at all times. There is no sense in maneuvering around life not knowing where you’re headed. Don’t you take out a map when you’re lost? Similarly, successful people live from their goals and factor in their priorities. Their goals instruct them as to what they should be doing at any given hour during the day. Their goals help them to navigate through productive and unproductive relationships.  Also, people of success possess the faith for goal # 2 while they’re attempting to attain goal # 1. The question to ask is ‘what goals are you piggybacking enroute to success?’

Maximize Your Network

Put your team in place before you hit the field.  Harvey Mackay (Best Selling Author) advises us to “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.”

Secondly, have you ever noticed that dogs don’t chase behind parked cars? Why bother if it’s not moving or going somewhere? Likewise, business professionals don’t want to be connected with back-seaters or benchwarmers. While we’re all here to help each other, we will never maximize our network unaware of our purpose in life.

A wise man once said “Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish. Vision is when you see it in your mind and begin to imagine it.” Accordingly, if you are a leader, then connect with other leaders who are “Game Changers”, Super-Connectors or those who play “Above the Rim.”

Crank It Up

Every effort requires that you take massive action.  Understand that good is the enemy of great and realize that you must develop a S-Urge (Sense of Urgency). ‘Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.’ However, until the pain of where you’re at right now EXCEEDS the pain of change, you’ll wake up tomorrow exactly in the same spot.  Break these chains!

In business, you must decide to give your customers more than they expect – with speed, excellence, while paying attention to the details and doing it right the first time.

Personally, you must decide to move forward – building momentum towards your most important goal.  Being consistent in your endeavors destroys and breaks down fear / doubts and eventually trumps failure. I dare you to crank up your fitness, confidence, resources, passions, thinking, leadership, creativity, knowledge, influence, time management and your victories. Decide to crank it up right now and you just may become legendary.

Rediscover Your HJG

This is my favorite! If you’ve got happiness, joy and gladness then really…nothing else matters. When we allow folks or situations in life to steal our joy then we relinquish all power to them, allowing ourselves to be under their influence.  This rediscovery and acceptance confirm to the universe that you are grateful and will not allow anything to stand in your way or easily beset you.

Recapture the creativity and magic that lie asleep within you. Respond to matters beyond your control with gratefulness. Remember that you’re alive, so there is hope. Rethink failures as bridge building to your success. Recognize the simple pleasures in life and enjoy every day living.  The choice is yours.

Bounce Back Quickly

In case you didn’t realize, you’re a tennis ball. When situations and circumstances in life slam-you-to-the-ground, you must bounce back!  7 times down, yet 8 times up!  It’s always…“yet, still I rise.” The underdogs who became champions in life were always the ones that chose to get back up.  When life serves you yet another defeat, perhaps sickness may have you down, maybe you have lost your job or your business may have failed, good friend I challenge you to be like the tennis ball and bounce back quickly, shaking the dust off of you on the return up. You CAN  because…It’s inside you!

BONUS (I’m a Giver…so here’s 3 more)

Make A Difference

Simply Help Enough Others Achieve Their Dreams:-  This is not a please or be kind to everyone in the world strategy; this philosophy is built on common sense. One of the greatest leaders of all time knew that in order to be the King of kings, He had to master servant hood or service to others.

Many people spend their whole lives chasing their dreams, if only they realized that this is like looking for the gold at the end of a rainbow. May I suggest you adapt Zig Ziglar’s strategy: “If you will help enough other people get what they want in life, you will get exactly what you want in life.” I guarantee, if you do this enough times then your dreams will look after themselves, immeasurably.

Win With Honor

It’s simple; honor establishes access and attracts favor. It is the key that unlocks huge vaults. Use honor like a remote control and watch your ability to change channels in your life.  Ancient wisdom says, honor your father and mother and your days shall be long on the earth.   Take note that Honor is a reward system.

Well, perhaps you’re not where you should be because you have ignored this principle. Begin treating your professional relationships, your goals, your word and your family & friends with honor and you’ll increase your win percentage.  Honor is also a tool; make certain it’s in your tool belt when you leave home.  Sounds good to me…

Face Everyday Goliaths

You can’t conquer what you don’t confront.  1)  So, learn to fight.  2) Become a problem solver; your own survival depends on it. Realize that the bigger the problem the greater the victory. In fact, you will be remembered either for the problems you create or the ones you solve.  3) Accordingly, treat the problems that others runaway from as opportunities or steppingstones to your greatness. 4) This requires great vision and listening skills to peek into the souls of men searching for the pain in their hearts. 5) Lastly, understand that when your enemies arrive this is simply the open-door to your next season.

So, if I were you, I’d be looking for Goliath.

What are your thoughts? What strategies are you using to create success in your life? Please add your ideas in the Comments section below.  Have an Inspired Day.  And I thank you in advance for sharing this post with your network. See you at the top!

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