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If you’re like most of our readers, you’re a hardworking, family-focused individual. You are committed to ensuring that your family gets the best,  and—equally important—spending quality time with them. As such, you’ve been devouring travel website pages because you insist on having an awesome family vacation. But there’s so much competing for your attention and your hard earned dollars. You can ill-afford to make the wrong decisions. Where do you start?

Family Vacation

Perhaps life just keeps getting in the way: There’s always too much to be done and too little time to accomplish it. . Maybe you feel like this reader:

I’ve had it…I need a vacation! Life is getting to me and I’ve lost track of my priorities. I’m missing out on what matters most to me and I’ve been unable to enjoy spending quality time with the people who I truly care about.  I find myself trapped in a busy world and longing for fresh coconut water, long beach strolls along a white powdery shoreline and dancing to an island rhythm at my own pace. Someday…hopefully soon!

Does This Sound Like You?

C’mon, be honest:

  • Do you feel like life is coming at you faster than you can manage it?
  • Do you fear not being able to afford an annual family vacation in the future?
  • Do often feel that you’re not getting value for money exchanged when you’re on a family vacation?

If so, then join the club. You are not alone. All of us have felt this way.

We Know How You Feel

We personally know what it feels like to be denied the best vacations that your family can afford because of  money, time and other constraints. We appreciate that you’ve got to still attend to the things that matter most—family, health, faith, and community.

For many years, we, too, struggled to get off the hamster wheel. Why does our success have to come at the expense of our health, most valuable relationships?  This life is a test – it is only a test. If it had been an actual life, you would have received further instructions on where to go and what to do. Hence, our “Purpose by Design…Loving You Is What We Do.”  Let us help you recover the “Fun in Life.”

If you’re like us, that means making your relationship with God, your health, your marriage, relationships with your friends, your church, and your contribution to your community top priorities. In doing so, it’s all about making a difference and having lots of fun. And that’s where Funntripps gets involved.

Beachfront Dining in Nassau

Simply, Funntripps is a holiday rentals’ project born out of passion, a passion for giving, our island, well-being and hospitality. The foundation pillars  for our vacation rentals is luxury, family fun, and creating lasting memories for you and your families.

Before You Go

What are the most important things that you need to address when planning your family vacation?  We’ve identified seven (7) features that most family-friendly resorts share and that offer solutions to the biggest challenges that families face. These, my fellow travelers, are the keys to a happy family vacation.

1). Accommodations featuring a common living area separate from sleeping spaces.

Our Caribbean Playgrounds are made up entirely of two and three-bedroom townhomes and apartments — all with full kitchens, washer/dryers, and minimum two bathrooms.

 2). There are activities geared to every age group.

Did you realize our company’s name? Funntripps…

Top family resorts have activities for everyone, no matter their size. Our Caribbean Playgrounds feature activities for all ages, even the baby!!!”

3). Kids are deemed VIPs.

Parents spend so much of their lives feeling penalized financially for having kids that they shouldn’t have to feel that way on vacation too.  We promise you a “Funntripp”  when you travel with a VIP. Funntripps’ rates include more than 20 activities daily.

4). Adults get a break—and a chance to rekindle the romance.

There are sitters to watch the infants and toddlers too, allowing you to socialize, make new friends, eat delicious food, and engage in so many other fun activities.  Isn’t it about time that you live it up and spend some time really enjoying each other as husband and wife, not just mom and dad?

5). Annoying logistics and transportation are eliminated.

Location, location, location.  Our Caribbean Playgrounds are all just a few minutes’ walk to  sandy beaches. We’ve also included your very own complimentary SUV, so you needn’t wait for any shuttle.  When you arrive, you’ll find it parked right outside your townhouse. Couldn’t be any more convenient!

6). Everyone can eat food they like.

Well, this one may be a bit tricky because we’re a self-catering resort. But no worries here.  We provide unlimited soft drinks and snacks - varied, plentiful, and all-inclusive. A selection of cakes and pastries—are also available 24/7. So, enjoy lunch at the pool with hamburgers, hot dogs and delicious ice cream.

7). You’re not nickel-and-dimed.

Understandably Surprise costs can lead to tension and arguments, so an undercurrent of generosity on the part of our Caribbean Playgrounds will be essential to your family’s relaxation.  Forget about daily resort fees, annual memberships, and maintenance fees. You’ve got enough on your mind already trying to figure out how you’re going to tell your boss that you’re not coming back.

Common Travel Snags

Now that you’ve gotten the time off , everyone wants their trip to be a perfect getaway, But vacations rarely run so smoothly. You’ve got to be concerned about

  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Delayed, Canceled or Overbooked Flights
  • An Overbooked Hotel
  • Lost or Stolen Money
  • Car Rental Cancellation
  • Getting Sick
  • Language Barriers
  • Passport or Customs Complications
  • Bad Weather

Hey, we’ve got you covered!. You’ve got access to our dedicated concierge – local Team Members, whom we refer to as a “Fun Buddy.” Whatever the concern, just give them call from your local mobile, which is also included (certain restrictions apply).

Our Goal for this Website

Through our blog and featured playgrounds, our mission is simply to advance the Kingdom of God. Our core beliefs may be captured in Matthew 6:33 and Luke 6:38.  Additionally, we have decided to use our properties to make a difference in the lives of as many families as we possibly could.

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Yes, connect with Funntripps and soon you’ll be enjoying tropical drinks, walking sandy shorelines, diving underwater caverns, snorkeling majestic coral reefs and island hopping. Have you discovered your Caribbean Playground yet?  All you need are your toothbrush, a few clothing items and a trusted partner to guide you. If you’ll provide the two, we’ll provide the third.  Let’s have fun.