Lifetime MembershipSpecial OfferToday is a special day!  Have you heard the BIG announcement yet?

Picture your perfect vacation.   Are you lounging in a hammock under the warm sun with the sound of waves crashing into the shore as the tide slowly rises?  Perhaps you’re on a jet-ski racing across beautiful turquoise seas with a delicious tropical drink awaiting your steps onto a white powdery shoreline.

If your time away from work and home is important to you and you start planning your one or two-week vacation a year in advance, you might want to consider becoming a member of FunnTripps Vacation Club.

Today we’re offering access to an initial, limited group of Founding Members.

That means that until Friday (August 26, 2016) at midnight, you can become one of the first members of FunnTripps and lock in lifetime annual vacations in the Caribbean without annual membership or maintenance fees.

That’s right! We’re giving you a Lifetime of Family Vacations in Paradise – for the price of One.

Also, during this promotion only: You can give the gift of FunnTripps (or keep an extra account for yourself).

Right now, we’re doing something completely unprecedented at FunnTripps. When you join FunnTripps at the Classic Level, we’re giving you a second FunnTripps account that you can give away as a gift. (Be the first to see this. ←)

Yes, you read right! When you purchase a Classic membership this week only, you’ll get all the equivalent benefits of the Gold membership, which features an extra FunnTripps sub-account that you can either:

  • give as a gift to another small family, your business partner, client, or any other professional on your list,
  • or keep for yourself to use for your clients or other business development interests.

To be clear: This is like getting two (2) FunnTripps accounts for the price of 1, and it’s only available until August 26th. Get Ready for the Shift. See more details below.

So, How Much Will Membership Cost?

The Early Adopter price for our memberships represent at least a 65% savings off the full price.  The investment for our classic membership (basic level) would be a $9,997 onetime payment. This is the lowest price we’ll ever offer. This may not be available again.

And if that seems steep, this probably isn’t for you because the truth is, the investment is a drop in the bucket compared to the extra money and feelings of freedom, joy and happiness you will experience because of it. How many annual vacations do you need to cover the entire investment and then some? Heck, with a classic membership, you’re already ahead with an annual one week lifetime guarantee. You’ll realize that you’ve hit the jackpot just from your first visit. How amazing would you feel to know that you can save money with vacations on autopilot to the Caribbean just by joining our club? Think about it.


Special Offer – Gold Membership*


Families (Maximum)
Lifetime Vacations in Paradise on Autopilot
Nothing Else to Pay Ever!
For Our Followers On Social Media

Register by Friday, August 26, 2016

A God Inspired Company
With a God Inspired Plan
For God Inspired People

We know you’re interested. So click here to read more.

If you’ve spent any time looking at traditional vacation clubs like Marriott Vacation Club, Starwood Vacation Ownership, Disney Vacation Club  or Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you know this is a fraction of the typical cost that others have to pay—AND it comes with the added benefit of never having to pay membership or maintenance fees, plus you’ll lock in lifetime access.

Belonging. You know your family deserves this and you feel it. So if it feels like you belong here, you probably do. Which means you’ll most likely enjoy our unlimited soft drinks, anytime snacks and complimentary SUVs.  Join our travel club now.

The initial cost will lock you into a contract with the club with the right-to-use, which can be passed on to your heirs for lifetime. No need to worry about a middleman, points system, annual membership or maintenance fees which increase every year. This is an exclusive club and the developer absorbs all costs should there be any major repairs or other work to be done to the playground. Your family will have access to all of our Caribbean Playgrounds when they’re launched. So our vacation club is clearly a good investment in your time off, if you have the means.

Here’s the catch:  We’re introducing “FunnTripps” to the world and have created an early adopter program, which allows families to join FunnTripps at a special “early adopter rate.” These early adopters will lock in this massively discounted rate plus benefits for as long as they remain members. We have decided to reward them because they believed in us from Day 1.

We want you to give us feedback on FunnTripps and shape its direction, product road-map, and feature set. In some cases we might want to conduct an audio or video interview so you can share more about this awesome experience.

We want you to give us any feedback you might have, become a member of the FunnTripps Virtual Advisory Board, let us know the second you encounter any problems, complete a few surveys every now and then …

… and in exchange for this, you’ll get guaranteed lifetime access to your home Playground and added features and integration should we ever add to FunnTripps Vacation Club.

As a Founding Member of the FunnTripps Vacation Club  you’ll also get the following bonuses for free whenever they’re launched …

The 5 Bonuses* That Come with the Classic Membership:

  • Complimentary Couples Massage
  • Free Pedicure & Manicure
  • Free haircut / hairstyle
  • Complimentary professional family / group photos
  • 10% discount on playground merchandise

*Certain Restrictions Apply

Lucky for you.  But this will be awesome for us too.

We support the belief that relationships yield transactions.  As such,  we expect these first early adopters to become FunnTripps’ biggest supporters and strategic partners. We expect these early adopters to promote us, write guest blog posts for FunnTripps, and co-host webinars with us.

[Expires Soon] Get an Extra FunnTripps Account to Give Away (or Keep for Yourself) ←

What can you do with this extra FunnTripps sub-account? For starters. . .

  • Easily use FunnTripps on behalf of your client: You can give your client their own personal apartment with this extra sub-account, so they can use FunnTripps on their own terms.
  • Improve your key business relationships with the gift of vacation in Paradise. With a sub-account, you can travel with your top client at the same time each year. Just imagine your clientele all jockeying to become your number one to win your annual giveaway.
  • Give this sub-account as a gift: Complete with its own rental vehicle, you can give a friend, family member, colleague or business partner this sub-account to create their own getaway.

This type of sub-account usually sells for $9,997, but we’re giving you this sub-account as a gift when you purchase a Classic membership during this promotion only.

[Expires Soon] Get an Extra FunnTripps Account to Give Away (or Keep for Yourself) ←

Until August 26, 2016 you can completely wipe out all future payments for week-long Grand Bahama vacations AND get a killer BONUS package. Once you discover this bonus-packed membership, you’ll never look at travel or vacation clubs the same again! Purchase a classic membership now for a one-time payment of $9,997.

So if you’re interested, and ready to transform your family’s life, give yourself the gift of this program.  I’d seriously urge you not to procrastinate.

Go here and check it out.

To family fun and a lifetime of vacation pleasures,

Ricardo Newbold
CEO / Co-founder

P.S. This officially ends at midnight on Friday,  August 26, 2016. So don’t wait. Get it now!