Bahamas Style: When you get to our Caribbean Playgrounds, you'll be given space to relax and enjoy nature and the scenery.

Get on island time: Yeah baby! It’s time to take off your watch and reclaim summer’s carefree spirit. Remember, you’re not at work, so let’s intentionally switch from busy-life mode to vacation mode. Yippee, there’s no work schedule here.

Add little bits of fun:  White beach. Clear blue water. Tranquil.  Sipping lemonade on the patio. You get the picture. Heaven on earth. Simple pleasures, so make it an amazing day!

Get Outside:  Just 30 minutes under the sun can boost your mood. So, grab a hammock or go for a morning walk. Surely, it'll lift your spirits way up naturally.

I'm Never Going Back Home

Coconut Water




Before you get settled, you will be given a cool scented towel to help rejuvenate you then you'll receive a refreshing tropical beverage.

Coconut water is a very delicious and refreshing low-calorie natural beverage to beat tropical summer thirst. Its liquid is packed with simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals to replenish dehydration conditions inside the human body.

10 Benefits of Coconut Water

Promotes Weight Loss • Heart Tonic • Picture-Perfect Skin • Ultimate Hangover Remedy • Facilitates Digestion • Boosts Hydration • Reduces Blood Pressure • Rich in Nutrients • Treats Headaches • Regulates Blood Sugar



Oh boy...the fun continues when you're given the keys to your luxury Caribbean Playground. It's what you've been waiting on!

The New Standard of Luxury

At Funntripps, every guest is indulged with a level of privacy and service unsurpassed in The Bahamas. We redefine traditional concierge services with extravagant amenities  as well as special privileges  including free WiFi and free long distance calls (certain restrictions apply).

Defined by extraordinary standards in service, choice and elegance our Caribbean Playgrounds are a sanctuary of chic Bahamian design where the spoils of privilege are indulged on a Funntripps vacation. For here, there are no checks to sign or tabs to collect, because every thoughtful touch is already included.

Playground - Front View 2

Just Chillin




Woohoo… you’re going to experience the ultimate relaxation therapy as you’ve managed to escape the ordinary world and traveled to a tropical island. Turquoise ocean, sun, palm trees and much more.  Nature-based activities, the wide open spaces, a recreation center and a kid-friendly marketplace make Grand Bahama Island an ideal family vacation spot.

However, you may also wish to spend your family vacation exploring the beautiful waters and fascinating marine life in waters surrounding the island. One of the most popular water activities for families is UNEXSO’s Dolphin Encounter where you can get in the water and interact with the dolphins. Choose any secluded beach to picnic, or participate in water sports readily available in most areas: kayaking, snorkeling, wake-boarding, tubing and more.  Life's a Beach. C'mon, Get Out Here!


Join the Club. 

Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, you’ll always experience a magical vacation with the entire family when you’re in The Bahamas. Our family-friendly accommodations feature fun-in-the-sun activities all day long. And if there’s still energy left in the tank as night falls, no problem mon: There’s sure to be live music, a movie, dancing, dining and more, suitable for every age!

Throughout Grand Bahama Island, we also offer a fantastic array of family-friendly activities. Watch eyes twinkle with amazement and mouths go round in silent wonder, as your kids—and you—marvel at your perfect family vacation in The Bahamas.

Hurry!  Call or email to discover the exciting benefits of membership, such as complimentary SUVs. Surely, this won't last long! So, don't let this be the one that got away!





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