"We Go All Out for Families"

The Caribbean (/ˌkærᵻˈbiːən / or / kərɪbiən Spanish : Caribe ; Dutch: Caraïben) ; French: Caraïbe or more commonly Antilles) is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (some surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and some bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean), and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America..

Situated largely on the Caribbean Plate, the region comprises more than 700 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. (See the list.) These islands generally form island arcs that delineate the eastern and northern edges of the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean islands, consisting of the Greater Antilles on the north and the Lesser Antilles on the south and east (including the Leeward Antilles), are part of the somewhat larger West Indies grouping, which also includes the Lucayan Archipelago (comprising The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands) north of the Greater Antilles and Caribbean Sea. 

play·ground (plā′ground′) noun.

  1. Outdoor area set aside for recreation and play, especially one containing equipment such as seesaws and swings.
  2. A field or sphere of unrestricted pleasurable activity
  3. Place or region particularly popular as a sports or holiday resort
  4. A place where people go to do enjoyable things
  5. An area known or suited for activity of a specified sort<a vacation playground>
  6. Neighborhood, stomping ground, watering hole, where you hang out or *yard*.  

Exotic Out Island Meets Sublime Luxury

Translucent Waters

Surrender to The Calm:- Exotic and inviting , the crystalline waters of Grand Bahama Island  possess a hypnotic allure unlike any place else on Earth.

Here, beneath a cobalt blue Bahamian sky, pearlescent beaches cherished for their purity and serenity are embraced by unimaginably clear turquoise seas revered for their diving, fishing and yachting. 

Nestled into beautiful beachfront or canal-front neighborhoods, our Caribbean Playgrounds boast a completely carefree vacation with unprecedented levels of sophisticated luxury amidst the easy going rhythms of the Bahamian Out Islands.

There's so much to see and so much to do, so come along we'll share it with you.

Gold Rock Beach


The New Standard of Luxury

At Funntripps, every guest is indulged with a level of privacy and service unsurpassed in The Bahamas. We redefine traditional concierge services with extravagant amenities  as well as special privileges  including free WiFi and free long distance calls*.

Defined by extraordinary standards in service, choice and elegance Our Caribbean Playgrounds are a sanctuary of chic Bahamian design where the spoils of privilege are indulged on a Funntripps vacation. For here, there are no checks to sign or tabs to collect, because every thoughtful touch is already included.

*Certain Conditions Apply

Island Tranquility

Step into an era of simple yet stylish beauty and sophistication.  This is a place where we can be ourselves – a place where privacy is paramount, security is assured, and family comes first.  

Nature-based activities, the wide open spaces, a recreation center and a kid-friendly marketplace make Grand Bahama Island an ideal family vacation spot. There are interesting kids’ programs available on the island. You may also wish to spend your family vacation exploring the beautiful waters and fascinating marine life in waters surrounding the island.

Our private club's Bahamian setting enriches your pleasure. Our exclusive amenities keep you constantly entertained. But it's the sense of belonging that makes life at our vacation club so unique.

Elevating mere vacations into memories that will last a lifetime, our best award received will always be the happiness seen on our guests' faces.


Black Family on Beach


Beach chairs under tree

Lounge in Luxury

Every unscripted day is yours to enjoy. So, worship the sun, bask in its glory. Here is a perfect spot to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, our playgrounds bask in the glow of a heavenly tropical climate that encourages guests to surrender to the blissful warmth of sun and sea.

And while there’s  so much to do here, the art of lounging has been elevated to an art form – from lazy mornings spent enjoying breakfast on your private patio or balcony , to sultry afternoons under the shade and gentle sway of a towering palm – as a pool valet quietly anticipates your needs and brings you a cool and refreshing drink.

Lush and Tranquil

In magnificent gardens and secluded corners perfect for romantic interludes Garden of the Groves is Grand Bahama’s premier nature experience!  

Explore winding trails through lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls and sparkling fountains. Savor the serenity of  Grand Bahama, the “Magic City” as it is affectionately known, where the air is kissed with just a hint of the sea.  

Enjoy a delicious tropical beverage in a gazebo nestled within exotic foliage or stroll hand-in-hand along paths of lush tropical bloom. Let the genteel calm and beauty of Grand Bahama pamper  your soul and fill your heart.      

Garden of the Groves - Freeport



Coca-Cola Fanta and Sprite


All Soft Drinks Included

Refresh yourself with great savings. We’ve created an array of great-value drinks packages to offer you the choice of refreshment that most appeals to you. Just imagine, unlimited consumption of non-alcoholic drinks, including a wide range of frozen drinks, sodas, fruit juices and classic hot beverages (coffee espresso, cappuccino) as well as takeaway ice cream.

Bahamian Fruit Punch :-  This refreshing drink is a staple at nearly every social event in the Bahamas and there are as many varieties as there are events. However, there are a few ingredients that must be included in order for it to be considered a “bonafide” , “true-true” Bahamian Fruit Punch!

Here is a popular Bahamian Fruit Punch Recipe (leaded)

½ oz. Concentrated Orange Juice • 2 oz. Pineapple Juice • ½ oz. Egg White • 1 oz. Lemon Mix • 1 Dash Angostura Bitters • ½ oz. Bols Grenadine •

Shake well with crushed ice, serve in 12 oz. Collins Glass . Garnish with orange slice and cherry.  Like we say in the Bahamas” I tell ya dat!!!”

Anytime Snacks

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.  Self-service of hot snacks (hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, French fries, pizza…) and your favorite chips.   The first and most obvious answer to the question of why we're so obsessed with burgers is: burgers are cheap.  

Secondly, we're familiar to the taste.  Specifically the char that appears on the exterior of the meat after it hits the hot flame; that specific smell and taste conjures up memories of backyard barbecues and birthday parties from our childhoods. It's comforting.

Also, burgers are easy to eat. Because the meat is ground up, you don't have to do much chewing. Because it's served on a bun, it's easy to eat. There's no cutting, only lifting. And because burgers come with an array of sides, you can build yours to your own taste. That's appealing too.

All in all, burgers are popular because they're good. They do the job of feeding us when we want to be fed. And for that, we're grateful to the burger.


Hamburgers and Hotdogs





Every Land Sport
Always Included

No matter your inclination for sport, high-energy or low-key, you can get your game on as often as  you wish with a variety of land based diversions, from Board Games to day and night tennis, Shuffleboard, cardio classes, and more – it’s all included*.

And if you love playing tennis here are a few health benefits:

increases aerobic capacities • lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure • improves metabolic function • increases bone density • lowers body fat • improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility • increases reaction times

*Certain Restrictions Apply / Coming soon: Day & Night Tennis, Bocce  ball, Croquet, Billiards,  Volleyball, Lawn Chess, Yoga, Weight Training, State-of-the-art Fitness Center, and Jogging Trail.

Non-motorized Water Sports

Home to some of the clearest, most translucent waters in the world, Grand Bahama Island is revered for their exceptional water-sports, and at Funntripps we take water play seriously.

Embark on snorkeling excursion through exotic coral reefs, uninhabited cays and quiet coves – from masks and snorkels to fins and the best boats to take you there, we have all the top-of-the line gear you’ll need. 

Or take to the wind on a sailboat or windsurfer or follow the shoreline on a kayak or paddle board. Here you can play all day, as much as you like, because it’s all included*.

*Certain Restrictions Apply / Coming soon

Lucayan National Park - Canoes



Plunge Into Scuba Diving

If the Caribbean is known for its carefree playful energy, then Grand Bahama is surely guilty of providing such pleasures. From legendary blue holes to drop-offs, wrecks and caves, explore some of the most spectacular dive sites in the world.  Here are some  Benefits of Scuba Diving:

  • Physical fitness:Swimming is one of the best modes of aerobic and anaerobic work we can do.
  • Flexibility and strength: Like swimming, which builds up the muscles in your thighs and shoulders, diving can help tone your different muscle areas, consequently giving you better posture.
  • Breathing: Deep, steady breathing promotes a calm attitude and reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury.
  • Stress reliever:A relaxed, calm state of mind has been proven to promote a positive attitude and prevent depression.
  • Travel to warm climates:Dive travel abroad also means you are likely to meet fun people from all over the world with whom you have a common interest.


Stay at One / Play at Two

Experience the best of The Bahamas - Imagine a vacation that combines the chic, laid back cool of the Out Islands with the modern elegance of a Playground in Nassau, Bahamas.

As a guest of Funntripps, our exclusive “Stay at One, Play at Two’ program  invites you to take full advantage of all the luxurious splendor  to be offered  at Our Caribbean Playgrounds coming to Nassau – with untold adventures. Just a quick plane flight* to Nassau and you’re free to enjoy all of the Playground’s amenities. For a more immersive experience into both destinations, consider splitting your vacation with a multi-day stay at each Playground.

* Additional Cost



Pool Canal View

It's All About The Views

When it comes to going on holiday with a large group of friends or a big family, things can start to get expensive. With all the extra room costs, it can often put a lot of people off going on holiday with a big group of people.

Thankfully, each of our Playground’s rooms, suites, villas or town-homes will either offer stunning vistas of the pristine white sands with direct ocean views and a leisurely stroll to the majestic beaches, while others will be situated canal-front with magnificent gardens.

At Funntripps, our town-homes & villas come in all shapes and sizes, and many can sleep six people or more and aren’t as expensive as you’d first think. When you’re splitting the cost of the property between the number of people in the group, the whole property becomes a lot more affordable. As such, renting a villa is a much better option for family and group holidays than booking a hotel.

Contemporary Luxury
Modern Amenity

Designed to appeal to the most discerning  travelers, all Playgrounds will feature a Funntripps Sleep Experience complete with solid Mahogany bed, plush mattress, dreamy pillow menu and fine Egyptian cotton linens.

Other touches of modernity include flat-screen TVs, iPod docking station, lavish bathrooms, Jacuzzi, separate showers, as well as services such as complimentary WiFi and free phone  calls to the U.S. and Canada*.

*Certain Restrictions Apply

Spacious Master Bedroom

Fire Dancer


Lifestyles of
The Chic & Famous

The Bahamas is a perfect playground for kids of all ages. Throw on a saddle and trot up and down our pristine shores on horseback. Get down and dirty with a little sand volleyball. Go bowling at one of our bowling alleys. Or simply build a sand castle on the beach. Whatever piques your interest, know that you can find fun for the whole family in The Bahamas.

Nightfall at our Caribbean Playgrounds means it’s time to let down your hair and kick up your heels. An electrifying vibe elevates the playground’s sophisticated ambience with everything from local entertainers performing cultural hits to lavish piano lounge parties. Or dance the night away then watch the sun come up together. After all, this is the time of your life!