Funntripps is not just a company or vacation club to join to make money or have fun.   Our “purpose by design” is to make a difference in every aspect of who you are― spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and intellectually. Our passion directs us in our travel based initiatives as we seek to move from success to significance in our efforts to help you experience happiness, joy and gladness.

Make The Best Family Vacations

We’re driven to create a deeper, richer and more soulful experience for our guests, team members and families.  We’re in the business of creating memories and building relationships.

Funntripps is a company with a vision based on the core values of creativity, innovation and caring.  Understanding who we are, focused on where we’re going and armed with a clear outline on how to get there, our mission quite simply is to impact our world.

And while we may all be different, we all possess something in common. We all seek our life’s purpose and desire more fun in life. Our product is merely a reflection of our vision, love of our country and passion to share it with others.

Good friend, your life is what you make of it. And I want you to “live funner.”  However, we can only achieve more if we would just come together and decide intentionally to create a joyous revolution. We’re not about being the trendiest, most popular or the most profitable. We’re about creating a lifestyle for all of us.  Let’s make a difference in the world.

Have Fun. Expect Abundance. Make A Difference.


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