Your Love Chambers in Grand Bahama

From enviable beachfronts to stunning canalfronts, our master bedrooms are so exotic, so private, and so indulgently romantic, we could only call them Love Chambers. The plush elegance within heightens your love for each other with every thoughtful touch of refined luxury.

Inspired by sand, sea and beach-combing adventures, the master bedroom offers a quiet escape. Every Caribbean Playground bedroom has a theme. The Founders envisioned quiet morning beach-combing strolls when they selected the master bedroom's tone-on-tone palette and collection of subdued furnishings. Our master bedrooms are more serene and quiet because it's the home's great escape spot.

Our Company offers exciting, richly appointed, spacious bedrooms filled with the unique touch of custom design and spectacular bedroom furniture including queen beds, dresser drawers, night stands, loveseats sitting areas and more.

When a bedroom is large enough, it becomes more than merely a space to rest your head. It can be an office, a living room, or even a sort of home inside your home, folding in many of the aspects found in surrounding rooms to that place near your bed.

A spacious bedroom can be wide open to a balcony or patio, creating a direct link to the outdoors, or it can rest at the center of the home, a fully featured nest inside the villa or townhome, replete with the creature comforts any modern living room would possess.

Above all, it can be something much more than an open place to set the bed. These master bedrooms make the most of their layouts, often featuring intricate details to liven up the expanded geography on display.

Ingrid, our designer likes to use a neutral palette and tropical fabrics that bring to mind a Caribbean Island feel, perfect for this gated complex with its canal views.

Look for hearths in a variety of materials and colors, elaborate bed frames integrated with their respective rooms, and unique split-room layouts (selected playgrounds) that truly expand the idea of what a master bedroom can be. We wish you restful nights in our sleep collection.


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