It’s happened before! You’re overdue for the annual family getaway, right? For many households, planning a stress-free family vacation can actually be the most stressful part of the entire trip if you’re ill-prepared.

Stress Free Family Vacation

Surely, a lot of things come to mind. Thoughts like, what happens to your business while away, how safe the vacation destination is, or the possibility of  you missing a crucial business deal while away, etc. are quite normal. 

But the truth is, we don’t want to be concerned by such mentally crippling thoughts.  We want to go free, with very little or nothing to worry about. But is that even possible?  You bet it is!  Plan ahead with these 4 tips for that easy and stress-free family vacation.

  1. Don’t Overthink Things or Plan Everything

Quite the contrary, right? Yes. Like the famous saying, ‘over analysis leads to paralysis’; when you begin to plan every minute of your journey, you are giving yourself too much to worry about. What happened to being spontaneous and just experiencing the surprise that comes with it?

Stress-free Family Vacation

For instance,  if you want to know about the best beaches on the island, simply ask a local for recommendations when you arrive. Hey, they’ve been here longer than you, remember?

Yes, it’s okay to have activities written down, but thinking through ALL the details doesn’t help but create more stress for you. It’s also important to remember that unplanned events can account for a lot of your vacation time and can easily turn your holiday into an overwhelming situation. So, leave some days completely open.

  1. Go Without Checking Work Emails

One of the reasons you’re having that vacation is to take a break away from work and relax, right? So why are you checking work emails? Don’t you know how to switch off from work when you go on holiday?  Good friend…don’t do it!  Turn them off and refuse the urge to check until you get back home. 

Stress-free Family Vacation

You probably won’t be able to do a great job while on vacation, anyway, else it would be a work/business trip. So take your time, forget the work, realize that you were not designed for an 80-hour work week, and enjoy your stress-free vacation.

However, if you think it will affect your business, train someone to handle the job so you can create enough margin and time for yourself to rest.

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  1. Be Sparingly Reachable

Most of us have very busy lives, and the last thing we want is to be on the phone all day while on vacation. What is the point, really?  You came to relax – give that to yourself as a gift and attend to any other thing when you are back at home.

Just Chillin

Decide to only be reachable to your loved ones who, of course, would like to check up on you to know how the trip is going. It’s also an avenue to share your fun experiences with them.

If you are on a family vacation with your loved ones, though, it is advisable you turn off your devices and just enjoy the time you have together.  You really need to unplug while on vacation. Nothing will happen if anyone else can’t reach you for a few days. Believe us.

  1. Travel Light

We’ve all been guilty of over-packing. If you think you have to carry all your clothes and devices while going on vacation, you thought wrong. Don’t make it look like you are relocating; you are only going for a few days or weeks, remember? Besides, you can get whatever you want when you get there.

Full Suitcase Close-up

Keep your clothing options easy and only pack the necessities—easier said than done, I know. But light packing reduces the anxiety that comes with what happens to your luggage at any point during the trip. Go light – go stress-free!

Stress-free Family Vacation: Wrapping Up

You booked that tropical island getaway to escape the stresses of everyday life, not trade them in for new ones or a constant stream of stressful activities.  It’s all about work-life balance

But does your family have a collective goal for the annual getaway? There’s individual preferences to consider, which may make travelling with other people rather stressful at times.

Perhaps your partner will want to golf or go diving, and you along with the kids may want to explore the beaches.  Therefore, it won’t hurt to do a bit of online research about your destination. 

Additionally, you may want to call before making plans, take weather into account, schedule some of your days (including a rainy day agenda), pack your bags in advance, plan a family photo moment, and take copies of your important documents.   

Knowing what your purpose and goals are can help you prioritize what you spend your time and money on. Consider everything from rental vehicles, recreational activities, public bus transportation, restaurant dining options, and visa requirements. The more you know before you leave, the more fun you’ll have during your family vacation.

A stress-free family vacation is possible. Just relax, go with the flow, and have fun. Don’t stress about leaving your apartment or house.  If something does not go exactly as planned, simply just let it go. Sometimes the best travel memories stem from unexpected adventures. So, don’t sweat the small stuff and let them ruin an entire family vacation.

Make your vacation time totally worth it! Learn to enjoy the down time, which is the entire reason you planned the family vacation in the first place, right? Vacations should be soothing and relaxing.  Follow the tips mentioned in this article to plan a memorable and, most importantly, stress-free family vacation.

Now, let’s discover the top 10 benefits of fun family vacations and make sure you leave all of your worries back at home.  

Dream. Plan. Do. Go for it!

Now it’s your turn!  Given the choice between more time or more money, which would you pick? Also, please share your best tips for a stress-free family vacation in the comments section below.

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