Are you ready to discover a better way to get away?  If you’re on a budget, there are numerous benefits of vacation rentals, any of which may be exactly what you need! They are quickly increasing in popularity and offer a sweet alternative to booking a hotel. 


In today’s hectic world, it is not often that families can have time to just be with each other. Undoubtedly, the selection of a place to stay is regarded as one of the most important decisions a family makes while planning a vacation. Vacation rentals are favored by holidaymakers as they offer guests more space, greater value, increased privacy and many of the amenities of home.  

Yet, there are still those folk who prefer instead to stay in a cramped, claustrophobic hotel room.  Perhaps booking a hotel may be a better option for the overnight commute or business traveler. However, vacation homes/apartments provide much more savings and added benefits for that long-awaited family vacation.

Here are 8 benefits of vacation rentals that might make your decision a bit easier:

1) Keep Vacation Costs Down – Not only is it cheaper per person, but vacation rentals overall are typically less expensive than a hotel, especially if you’re booking a longer stay.  Oftentimes, families rent them together because of the large accommodations, making them cost effective.

Furthermore, consider that you’ll spend less on restaurants, cancel Laundromat visits (might reduce baggage fees if you’re flying), and possibly split any other additional costs with extended family or friends.

Tip: However, it’s prudent to begin putting money aside for your vacation immediately. It will be a lot easier to save a small amount each week than to come up with the lump sum as your family vacation dates get near.

2) Ability to Cook at Home Vacation rentals frequently include fully equipped kitchens, perfect for making meals for the family in the comfort of your own space. Having a refrigerator and oven can actually help cut food costs allowing you to have fun together planning your family’s favorite meals or trying local recipes.

Go ahead and pack your own snacks for the beach picnic. You’ll avoid having to spend a premium at local food vendors or restaurants in the area where you’ll be enjoying your fun day.

Vacations can be quite stressful if you don’t keep things in perspective. Yet, doing so can make the family vacation more pleasurable for all and contribute to a truly enjoyable time together. Nevertheless, do schedule at least one day to try some of the local restaurants.

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3) Comfy, Cozy & Convenient – Almost all vacation rentals feature plenty of in-room perks. And there’s plenty of space for everyone. The average hotel room in North America is about 400 sq ft. Compare that to vacation rental properties, which can easily span up to 2,000 sq ft depending on what you’re renting.

Accordingly, there is enough space for the entire family to retreat and to sprawl out, featuring comfortable living rooms, multiple bedrooms, and maybe even a movie room.  Vacation rentals are truly a “home away from home” featuring full kitchens and dishes, which all make you feel more comfortable and make relaxing much easier.

Still  not convinced about vacation rentals? What could be more convenient that an onsite laundry? Laundry facilities are an included amenity in many vacation rental properties. With the convenience of a washer and dryer, you will not need to pack as many bulky clothes for your trip.

Our Caribbean Playgrounds offer all the comforts of home (and maybe some your home doesn’t have).  Renting through a short-term rental website like Funntripps can often be cheaper than renting a hotel suite at big-name chain resorts.

4) Save on Transportation – If you’re traveling with a large party that may include multiple generations or several families, you may have need of a rental vehicle.  Hiring cabs can become expensive.  So become adventurous – decide to get outside of your comfort zone and beyond familiar surroundings.

As such, the current trend toward staying in a holiday property features the owners now providing a car for private use during your rental.  Having access to a vehicle for family outings makes you more resilient and helps you build more character. Navigating a new city or exploring a tropical island will expand your horizons and give the family something to talk about.

Yet, for the vacation rental owner, it’s all about building a brand and giving the guests more than they expect!

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5) Private Amenities: Staying in a hotel, chances are you will be disturbed at some point by the persons in the unit next door. As such, one of the most important benefits of vacation rentals is that they offer more privacy than regular hotels.

Many feature private balconies and private entrances, eliminating the need to walk through the lobby every time you return to your unit. Even better is the fact that you will not have to get dressed to go get your morning coffee in the guest lounge.

Moreover, depending on the unit, sometimes an outdoor poolprivate Jacuzzi tub and BBQ grills (mostly found in private single family rental homes) are included too. If situated in a townhouse complex, it may not completely be your own but certainly more private than the common hotel amenity. At Funntripps, some membership levels even include perks like access to boats for your use and enjoyment. 

Quite simply, vacation rentals favor those who prefer not being in close proximity with so many other guests. Your neighbors will likely be accessible, but not in your face in the same way they might be in a hotel.

And because many vacation rentals are private and secluded,  this option of  being around less crowds ranks high as one of the main benefits of vacation rentals. Yet, the bonus here is the bond that a family forms through shared experiences and being forced to be with one another.

6) Multiple Bedrooms/Bathrooms – Many hotels have the same generic feel to them while vacation rentals often reflect the overall ‘vibe’ of your destination, showcasing more authentic accommodations. Parents and children can get separate bedrooms when they opt for vacation rentals rather than regular hotels.

Vacation homes or apartments with multiple bedrooms will usually feature more than two bathrooms.  This luxury aids vacationers when they have to get ready to go out, creating more margin for the family to actually enjoy more of their vacation time.

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7) Live Like A Local Resident: Instead of staying in a metropolis, vacation rentals allow you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, getting to know the local culture and history in a way that is not possible when staying in a busy hotel chain on a crowded strip.

Definitely there will be less folks, allowing you to experience quality time with family and friends.  Vacation rentals are less crowded and offer a much different experience than hotels. The pace is often slower, laid-back and more reflective of how locals in the area live.


You’ll look back with great fondness and warmth because of shared moments with loved ones. Surely these memories you create during your vacation will last a lifetime! It’s no wonder holiday homes are quickly increasing in popularity.

8) Customer service: When renting through a property management company like Funntripps, you are provided with topnotch customer service both before and during your stay. Our Promise: To do it right the first time, with excellence, while paying attention to the details. Our Mission: To help your family Live Funner!

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Wrapping Up: Benefits of Vacation Rentals

More and more families are asking this simple question as they plan their next getaway: should we stay in a hotel or explore vacation rentals?

Sure, no matter where you’re taking your holiday, you are going to make certain that you’ve got the best accommodation possible for your time away. Vacation rentals are perfect for travelers who want more space, more amenities and a more authentic travel experience.

And while hotels may still work well for business trips and quick overnight stays, rentals will always be best-suited for leisure-focused excursions. Plus, when you consider that you will have fewer expenses from dining out, vacation rentals are a great value. 

In the end, it’s not about how much money you spend on your vacation that matters; it’s how many great memories you make with your family.

Owing to all these benefits, many are booking vacation rentals whenever they are planning to go for a vacation.  At Funntripps, we’ll be delighted to help you make the right decision about your vacation rental, advise on fun family activities while on holiday and more.

Therefore, when planning your vacation to the Bahama Islands or the Caribbean, check out our luxury playgrounds featuring two & three bedroom townhomes in fun-filled Grand Bahama.  Simply kick back and truly relax, as if you were in the comfort of your own home.

We appreciate you reading our post highlighting 8 Benefits of  Vacation Rentals. We’re betting it just might change the way you travel. 

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Now it’s your turn: So what benefit do you value more? Is it enjoying your own space/privacy? Or perhaps the cost-savings and convenience vacation rentals represent, such as preparing meals? Please use the comments area to share your thoughts and words of wisdom.

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