Are you heading to The Bahama Islands without a bikini? Swimming with the Pigs without a camera? Kayaking (up the creek) without a paddle?  If you are reading this, chances are it’s your first trip abroad or that your last trip abroad was such a mess you had to spend more money on damage control. Be it the former or the latter, we’ve all been there. So, avoid a vacation disaster by employing our “4 Quick  Tips Before Traveling Internationally.”

10 Common Travel Mistakes You Can Avoid

Packing the right things is a very important step in preparing for a trip abroad, whether you are a light traveler or not.  To assist you, we’ve also provided trip-specific resources at the end. But right now, we reveal below, the 4 things you don’t want to miss out in your travel luggage.

  1. Travel Documents, Cash, and Credit Cards

Awesome.  You’ve done well in planning that stress-free family vacation, so this may sound foolish. Have you ever gotten to the airport, with only a few minutes before takeoff, only to discover that you left your travel documents at home? I know that feeling; you’d literally want to slap yourself in the face. Or, how about landing at your destination and you want to check into a hotel, only to discover you left your credit card(s)? 

These things happen to the best of us. It could be that you got carried away by the excitement of the trip, but you really don’t want that. So, ensure you pack your documents (Passports/Visa(s), Personal IDs, Cash/Credit Cards, Travel & Health Insurance, Emergency Contacts, etc.). We also suggest that you can get a small travel bag or document organizer specifically for this.

Furthermore, it may be prudent to double-check that your passports and IDs aren’t expired. Additionally, you’ll want to inform your bank if you’re traveling internationally so they don’t assume fraudulent activity and freeze your card. Lastly, consider forwarding a copy of your passport, driver’s license, medical cards and itinerary via email. Therefore, if the “worst-case scenario” happens, you’ll be able to access them online.

  1. Your Tech/Mobile Devices

What is the fun of a trip when you cannot record or snap memories you could refer to, much later?  Electronics like your digital camera, mobile phones, headsets, iPad/eReaders, chargers and other accessories are sure to enhance your trip.

We all know how boring it can be on a long journey without anything to entertain yourself. You could use a little read on your iPad or even watch a movie. This will definitely spice up your trip.

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  1. Health Items & First Aid Kit

Beside the fun or purpose of the trip, you are not able to enjoy any of it if you’re not healthy or break down along the way. So make sure your health items are some of the first things to pack.

Items like hand sanitizers or wet wipes, sunglasses, prescription in the original packaging (if you are on one), etc. Pack them neatly in their respective cases so they don’t get tampered with. If you are on a prescription medicine, try packing them in a handy luggage for easy accessibility.

  1. Guidebooks/Phrase Books/Maps

No matter how well planned your travel package is, you know you could use some personal adventures. Get out there and find some of the local restaurants, hotels, kiosk, or schedule fun beach activities. Learn a few of their local phrases using the phrase books so you can do a little bit of communication.

Also, you can download a map of the region, in case you find yourself somehow lost in the euphoria of the moment, somewhere far away from your hotel. You don’t want to be lost in a strange land, do you?


Enjoy your vacation!

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Get More Tips Before Traveling Internationally!

Want to learn more about how to pack for a specific type of trip? We’ve got more packing advice from travel experts:

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Bonus: Grab a copy of  Funntripps’ One-Page Checklist (adapted from OneBag) to provide a convenient starting point before traveling internationally (both business and pleasure). You are also encouraged to create a customized list of your own.  Go ahead and download the convenient checklist because you’ll want to refer back to it to make sure you’ve thought of everything you might want to pack

Note: This is merely a travel packing checklist, not a list of items to bring on any particular trip!

And although there will almost always be things on your list that are not in your bag (i.e., unnecessary to a specific journey), there should be nothing in your bag — or on your person — that’s not on your list (this being the whole point of the list).

Now it’s your turn! Have you taken a trip abroad recently? What were the top things you packed? Let’s hear it in the comments below.

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